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Whenever I try to cry, there's not a single drop which flows. I feel like I'm not allowed to feel the salty taste of my tears and the rolling of these pearls on my cheeks. My head is filled with thoughts frome the past but my eyes become dryer and dryer. My face is closing while my soul is flayed and exposed.

  Despite this feeling of frustration, I smile. This is the only emotion which can pass through the wall of my brain : joy. I try to spread joy and happiness all around me, because I am and I must be the most joyful person in this world.

  I truly feel this light shining in my being but I know there is also darkness. Darkness from the past, darkness from the future and finally darkness which obscures my entire life. Although I know this darkness exist whthin me, I still can't physically formulate it.

My body is not designed for this. My body is dry.

(♪: "I can't handle change" - Roar)

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